The American Prep Academy (APA) is a leading educational service provider located in Morocco offering full service academic and professional training skills and workshops in English.  APA’s programs are designed by a team of professionals in the fields of education providing an American teaching and learning methodology and experience.

APA is a Kaplan Certified Education Provider (KCEP) with an exclusivity for Morocco under the Kaplan Certified Education Provider agreement.

APA meets the needs for:

  • Kids wishing to learn english in a fun environment.
  • Students wishing to better their grades, improve their English and prepare for their entrance exams to the colleges and universities of their choice.
  • Parents wishing to enroll their children in the most prestigious American universities in the US , Europe or elsewhere.
  • Individuals wishing to learn and improve their English as well as master public speaking.
  • Companies wishing to offer workshops to their employees.


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