Do you understand English better than you speak it?
Are you at ease to give a presentation in English?
Do you have a hard time following a conversation in English?
Do you trust yourself when you practice your English?
Do you directly translate from French before speaking?
Is your vocabulary limited?
Can you communicate by email in English?

You are not any different from those who do not practice it. At APA, We teach with a simple and efficient methodology to help you learn english.


After our sessions, you will be able to:

  • Speak fluent English,
  • Present with confidence,
  • Learn to be a better listen,
  • Write and handle emails and documents,
  • Be aware of your abilities as a communicator,
  • Interact with your peers in an efficient manner.


APA offers 3 options:

  • One to one: These sessions are ideals for all levels. They allow you a better learning in a professional situation.
  • Groups: Teams discuss different topics no matter their levels and experiences.
  • Team building: This activity will allow your co workers to work together as a team while practicing their english.

Organized in-house or at APA, testing participant’s level may be required.

Methodology / Classes

APA vous facilite l’apprentissage de la langue en mettant à votre disposition:

  • A training program with focus on core skills such as Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
  • Highly trained and engaging native English speakers to provide guidance and motivation
  • A pleasant learning environment and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends
  • Private, semi-private and group classes available

Business English is a class with a different language than the conversational. Thanks to Business English, You will be able to:

  • Know the professional necessary terms to be at ease in your work environment,
  • Learn the grammar and the appropriate vocabulary,
  • Speak and master English in your professional environment, wether it is in writing or speaking

Let APA help you shine. Discover how to communicate with charisma and power

  • Learn about the elements of public speaking and the qualities of a good presenter
  • Understand the speaker and audience connection
  • Get to know the different types of speeches and presentations
  • Become an expert in the preparation, organization and outline of a presentation
  • Master the importance of body language, appearance and approach

After completing this class at APA, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an awareness of their personality, personal leadership and communication tendencies
  • Learn how to listen more effectively to others
  • Express themselves in a more clear and specific way
  • Appreciate the power of emotions
  • Interact with their peers in a more effective way
  • Connect with an audience and make a powerful impact
  • Achieve their goals in a variety of contexts …